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 5 Modules ~ How To Attract Customers

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What’s the product?

Today I want to tell you about the #1 reason you are losing sales. But first, let me introduce you to my new “customer attracting” system, which is part of the #1 reason you are losing sales. It’s called the “Review Management System”. If you want to get more customers without increasing your marketing and sales efforts, then this is the system for you!

What’s great about this “Review Management System” is that it will help you to get highly qualified buying customers to select you and buy your products and services vs your competition. Getting you more customers than you’ve had in months. You’ll feel really great again about your product and care less about your competition! You’ll wonder what happened to cause this noticeable increase in sales opportunities… and you’ll realize it’s because of the “review management system”.  And the best part of all, is this system doesn’t feel like you made any extra effort to make it happen!

How it works

The “review management system” uses a simple concept we call “review mitigation and circulation”. We’ve put together 5 different modules that are not only easy to implement, but these modules are specifically designed to target the small business problem areas, “customer attraction, getting customers to call you, getting customers to set an appointment with you and making a purchase.”

Module 1 – is scoring your business against your competition for improvement and getting a higher google ranking.

Module 2 – is claiming your online listing so we can build trust, allowing your customers to buy from you with confidence.

Module 3 – is looking at what your customers are already saying about you online and mitigating any negative reviews with automated positive review to build customer confidence.

Module 4 – report the positive reviews on major review sites to build business credibility and create brand awareness so your business will be a household name in your local area for that product or service.

Module 5 – finally it automates request, capture and post positive customer reviews to popular review sites to create an ongoing, continuance of massive brand awareness, credibility and consumer confidence for your products and services. This increases your chances of more buyers!

According to the latest research for 2019 90% of people leave your website without taking action. Look, here’s how this product is different from the others. Most other review systems don’t offer “Review Mitigation ad Auto Response to protect your online ranking. With the “Review Management System”, it stops any negative reviews from posting on your business online. But just in case there is something negative out there, you are automatically notified to address the negative response and then request a more positive one. And in case you don’t have time to reply, my system posts an automated response that addresses the 3 most common issues that squash any negative reviews.  Most business owners don’t know about them. Thus, preserving your businesses excellent rating and online position. This difference is HUGE, when it comes to protecting your customer confidence to buy from you.

What to do next

If you want these results without increasing ad spend, without working harder to close a sale and without a lot of follow up to prospects who never intend to buy from you, then here’s what I want you to do.
I want to give you instant access to my 5-Minute Review Management System Video so you can see the 5 Modules to Attract More Customers in 30 Days or Less, along with the next steps to take to start attracting customers right now.

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When you review the video, there will be a button below it that says, Yes, I want to Schedule A Call”, so click the link above the video right now to watch the 5-Minute Video, and when you’re done, click the button that says “Yes, I want to Schedule a Call”. During this call, we’ll discover the best strategy for your business to get more customers.  We’ll notify you within 24-48 hours to confirm your requested time and date.
NOTE: This is not a sales call, unless you specify you want more!

Or you can click the link below “I want to Attract Customers Now” and I’ll give you access to your Review Management System”, select the plan that fits your business and I’ll give you instant access to your personalized dashboard.
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So, click the link below to access the 5-Minute Video and then request your discovery call or if you already know you need to start attracting customers right now, then click this link “  link”, select the best plan for your business and get instant access to your personalized “Review Management System” dashboard and start attracting customers today!
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If you follow my system for the next 90 days and you don’t see *results, I will personally get on the phone with you and personally help you figure out why. Here’s the truth, you’ll give up on you before I give up on you. If you are coach-able and teachable and you do what I tell you to do, I will not let you fail. I’ll be here guiding you. I can’t do the work for you, but I can guide you in the right direction and show you how to attract customer and build your business. And when you have questions, I’ll be here for you.

Just like my HVAC client. He was getting reviews from Angie’s List for an expensive price of $59 per lead… and to make matters worse, this very same lead was given to 5 other HVAC companies. Company reviews being equal, it came down to who called first and who had the cheapest price. After a year he got tired of having to low ball and lose money on these leads, so he contacted me to rank him higher in google, show his positive reviews on many review sites (and not depend on Angie’s List)and create an ad that showed his offers and created brand awareness. Within 60 days he was ranked 3rd on Google’s first page for his service (he wasn’t listed on Google at all) and he had a 4.5 Google ranking based on his reviews. This allowed him to get customers without having to pay $59 per lead and lose money because of low balling his prices.

That’s just one of the many successful stories I can share about the power of my Review Management System that attracts customers for your business! I will be here for you just like I was here for my HVAC client.

This system is already at a special price but when you take action in the next 60 minutes, I will “Rebate” you $200 off the setup fee! This rebate will be credited back to your account within 5 days! AND, I’ll give you a List of 200 prospects who are looking for your services to jump start your sales! I’ll even send out your offer and have the responses go directly back to you so you can follow up and close the sale! What’s 200 qualified prospects worth to you? What is it worth to you if you sell just (1) client? I am sure it will more than cover your first monthly fee for my system!

But you have to act within the next 60 minutes. So click the link below to watch the 5 Minute Video, then schedule a time to talk about your specific business … or if you want to get started attracting customers right now, click the link to select your plan and get instant access to your customized dashboard.

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*Results – higher Google Ranking, higher business score showing trust and consumer confidence and positive reviews posted.