Benefits of Reputation and Social Media Management for Accountants and CPA’s

(Known as the “Business Credibility and Visibility Program”)

Building a positive online accounting reputation is possible with strong Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ accounts that are interactive and responsive. A business brand can be built by using effective social media strategies. These strategies present a company or brand in a positive light that the owners of the company control. Facebook accounts can be sent out to the public search engines by selecting create a public search listing for me. Twitter accounts rank well if you use your personal name on the account. LinkedIn professional accounts can have an effective public profile setting as well.

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See What’s Included in Your Business Credibility and Visibility Program (RSM) Below!

Accountants & CPA’s Survival Guide and Media Package

  • Branding, Content marketing, and Social Media.
  • Expertise promotion on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Google Alerts Niche setup to stay informed. (Millennium networking strategy)
  • Social media Group Building in your niche.
  • Fast Track Networking. (research shows on online techniques like blogging and social media grows firms quickly)
  • Video marketing (level 3 videos) -raises profile
  • Back-linking of website post for SEO and higher ranking.

Social Media Management Service

  • Increases direct loyalty with your target clients
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are more prominent in modern advertising with social media
  • Improved search engine ranking
  • Traffic driven to your website
  • Improved Credibility with consistent news feed

Business Growth Creation

  • Handles negative reviews
  • Encourages feedback & testimonials
  • Boost SEO
  • Tablet & Web Page Feedback capture
  • Client IP Feedback Privacy & Security
  • Email list builder
  • Mobile Access for Clients Feedback
  • Auto connect to 45+ Review sites
  • Program grows with your business
  • Auto Benchmarks client service improvement
  • Auto Monitors Reviews and responds
  • Auto notify of negative review posts

Review Reputation Management Service

  • Improves your online reviews
  • Protects your reputation
  • Review alerts, tracking & reporting
  • Business Online Score

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