How do you best use Google Links to maximize getting more reviews?

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Why Am I recommending Reputation Stacker?

Reputation Stacker (RS) is a great beginning option to creating reviews that get more sales. It’s a good start, this is the reason I am recommending it. It is better to do “something” until you can do the full service.

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RS it easy for you to get more reviews from your happy customers on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and any other online site that’s important for your business, and it catches your unhappy customers before they post a bad review so you can handle them privately.

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How To Create A Google Review Link

  • 1 Go to Google and search for your business by name. It should come up on the right side of your screen (on a desktop ).  If it doesn’t, search again being sure to enter the full name of your business (and your business address or phone number if necessary). 
  • 2 When you find your business listing, locate the “Write a review” button. If you can’t find the “Write a review” button don’t worry – we’ve got detailed instructions below. 
  • 3 After you click the “Write a review” button, copy the URL in the address bar. That’s your Google review link. Open up a new browser window and paste the URL into it to make sure it’s working.

How To Use Your Google Reviews Link The Best Way To Get More Reviews

So now that you have your direct Google review link it’s time to send it out to all your customers, right? Sure, if you just want to get a few reviews (some which might not be as good as you think) and leave it at that.

But you know how important getting reviews is for your business. You know how frustrating it is when you get a bad review, and how powerful a steady stream of positive reviews is for generating new business. So why leave it to chance or get around to it only whenever you remember?

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